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Threes! for iPhone is an extremely simple yet addictive puzzle game that really gives a test to your brainpower and logic. It involves matching and mashing up of tiles which add up to 3 and then combining like numbered tiles to reach higher numbers. Playing Threes! game is very much fun and at the same time, puts your strategies into best use making you play the game again and again. The application which is developed by the famous Sirvo LLC team costs $1.99 and is compatible with all iPhones having iOS 6.0 and later.


The main objective of Threes! iPhone game app is to match and combine small numbers to get larger ones. The puzzle has a confined 4 by 4 grid with mainly three different coloured tiles of numbers. At the start of the game, you may have tiles of 1’s, 2’s and 3’s mostly. You are required to mash up those 1’s and 2’s and end up with a 3. You can then match the tiles containing 3’s together to form 6, 6’s can be combined to form 12’s, 12’s to 24’s and so on. The difficult part is that you cannot move the numbers as a single tile, the empty blocks also move along the row and column as you try moving those numbers. A new tile is added to the grid after each move. When the grid gets completely filled, the game culminates after displaying your score.

Threes App for iPhone

Even though it is easy to begin, Threes game gets trickier and harder after each move. You get points for each correct mash up with higher number matches being awarded with higher points. You can sign in your name after you are finished with it. There is a leaderboard for comparing your scores and you can even tweet them out to the internet. The slight drawback here is that your scores cannot be viewed until you admit your defeat or fail the game. The interface is very much attractive with brightly coloured tiles and numbers. Each tile or number also has a small voiceover attached to it. The game play even comes with a soothing music in the background. The colourful visuals and animations make the game very much special and eye-catching than the usual bland puzzle apps. There are no ads or any further purchases to be made within the application, you just buy it once and its all yours.


For all puzzle lovers, Threes! app for iPhone is more than satisfying. It is very easy to learn, difficult to master and more difficult to turn it down. It seems effortless as you begin, but requires your strategic best later on. The beautiful interface and the soothing music provide a very refreshing game play for you and your iPhone.

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