ZAK Adventures Android App Review

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ZAK Adventures app for Android is a platform action game that takes you back to the days of console games. With simple, yet attractive graphics, and true platformer mechanics, it transports you back to the 1990s in a very pleasant way. You can download ZAK Adventures app for $0.99 from Google Play Store.


Here is the premise of ZAK Adventures app for Android: the villain has stolen ZAK’s magic crystal, and now he is threatening to use it against him. Players are not given any story beyond that. But this is enough to get you started on the quest for the crystal. ZAK’s most visible feature is his medieval looking hat, and the way he spins when you jump. The soundtrack plays a major part in building the game’s tempo. The track is reasonably long and spirited before it loops around. In reality, after few rounds, you might end up muting the track because it is the same thing you’re listening to.

ZAK Adventures Android Game App

The design is user friendly. The movement of the hero is controlled through three buttons: right, left and jump. It also has a double jump option that might come handy as you proceed through the game. You got to face the typical platformer challenges in the game, including jumping challenges across pits and spikes, roaming enemies on/above the ground, moving platforms, and assorted traps that might impede your play. You’re racing against a timer to complete the levels. As you progress through the game, you will trigger checkpoints that will act as do-over points as ZAK can only withstand one hit, even though it has unlimited lives. This can get a bit tricky as you might end up doing the same stunt again and again. Further, there are crystals scattered across the level and you will find yourself bouncing around a bit to ensure that you pick them all up.


You’ll have an enjoyable time playing ZAK Adventures app for Android. It is also challenging in a fun way. Since the game moves in a steady clip, you won’t find it tedious even if you find yourself restarting at the checkpoints more than once. The graphics has succeeded in bringing back the nostalgia of the console games of the 90s. The game is stable and responsible as well. Overall, a fun platformer worth checking out.

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