SquirrelWarz iPhone Game App Review

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Mobile games have become the new source of entertainment for mobile phone users across the world. We can play mobile games whenever and wherever we want to. But if you want something really challenging and a tremendous amount of fun, then you need to go for Real Time Strategy games or RTS games. If you are looking for the best RTS game on the iPhone, then you must try SquirrelWarz game for iPhone.


SquirrelWarz is one of the best RTS games on the iPhone platform. In fact, it is one of the most highly rated RTS games on the iPhone platform and there are plenty of reasons for it. One of the biggest reasons behind its success is the simple game play. The premise of the game is relatively simple. You take the control of a squirrel army. You need to do everything that a leader needs to do. You would need to protect your home tree, collect resources to make your colony flourish. You also need to protect colony by fighting against other colonies to defend your colony and increase your territory. As you can probably guess, doing all of that would not be easy as there would be quite a few challenges along the way. Another great feature is that it has got beautifully hand drawn figures, animations and graphics. This really increases the charm of the app. The game also has some amazing background music filled with harmonica, melodic, marxophones, mouth harps and toy pianos.


SquirrelWarz game for iPhone is incredibly easy to play and filled with humorous tone that makes playing the game even more fun. You can play the game on both your iPhone and iPad. To give you the complete gaming experience, then this game would offer you just that. You wouldn’t get any ads that would disturb you and prevent you from playing the game. This single feature would surely get this game a lot of takers. You also get freedom from multiple in-app purchases. With a single price, you would get access to 20 maps and the choice to choose between two breeds. So, if you want to experience the ultimate in gaming fun and also flex your brain a little bit, then the SquirrelWarz app is the best app for your iPhone. The app costs $2.99 to download from iTunes.


SquirrelWarz iPhone app is for those who want to enjoy a simple, attractive, fun and challenging game. The game ticks all the right boxes and that makes it one of the most highly recommended games on the iPhone platform. The simplicity of the imagery as well as the game play is something that really attracted us and you would also feel the way. The game does get quite challenging but it is not hard to play. So, get the SquirrelWarz game and get ready to command your own army not of men, but of Squirrels.

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