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DaVinci Resolve Android App is a video training app which provides the user with the introductory course in DaVinci resolve software. This software is used in the film and video industry as a color grading software to make videos more enhanced by changing its color, contrast, saturation etc. This app thereby helps us to learn the basic processes in color grading hence make us eligible to do our first resolve project by ourselves. The DaVinci Resolve for Android can be purchased for $8.10 from the Google Play Store. This app in overall deals with every single processes that follow in color grading mechanism starting from the basics.

Resolving software

The DaVinci Resolve Android App video training app has an awesome user interface with each thing is explained very much detailed starting from the introduction part. It covers all area of color grading software working and hence it makes us to learn the necessary things very easily. The visual type of learning also enables the user to understand concepts much easier and enables them to memorize it further long. It overall has 62 minutes of video training covering areas such as creating a project, navigation, import media, creating timelines, drag and drop editing etc. Each area has a specific time period in which it is been described deeply for clear understanding. Another advantage is that we can stream videos in offline mode thereby no active internet connection is required.

The voice accompanying sessions has been crisp and clear and the concept is clearly explained. We can navigate easily through the app and it also shows with example where learning made much easier. While opening the app we can choose the required area and then the screen will display the description along with video support. Shortcut keys that can be used, resolution of the video, frame rate selection etc. are also been included in the application.

A great learning platform

The DaVinci Resolve Android App is a must try one for all android users who perform video editing filled with clear explanations and it definitely make us understand all necessary concept in color grading. The app can be purchased by using the Google Play Games account balance or through online card payment, internet banking etc. Overall this application is a good choice for all those who work in editing fields.

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