Undead Horde iPhone App Review

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Undead Horde iPhone App is an action game where our role is to play as a necromancer that is one who practices necromancy. In this game we are offered with great powers using which we can recreate many undead minions to support for battles against living ones. We can recreate our enemies that we have killed to assist us in our army as a troop of zombies. Our aim in this game is to conquer a fantasy area by defeating species such as from humans to giant creatures.

Necromancer – Re – Animator of Dead

The game offers a great gameplay experience and filled with excellent vivid graphics which makes gaming more interesting. The game offers a real life experience to the player where the user himself proclaims that he/she is the necromancer and has some really cool super powers. There is a great storyline in the game and it requires conquering the area by destructing every species using our army, magical spells and equipment. As reaching higher levels new powers are been induced to battle with really tough enemies. We can boost up our large horde members and also our equipment.

We can conquer defense towers, troops and finally beat the King Paladin Benevictor to conquer the fantasy world. The controls and gameplay options are simple and easy to learn for beginners. In this game, as a necromancer we needs to kill all stuff that comes in our way and our horde is the backbone for our battles. We can get unlimited amount of loots and using that we can lead our army to victory.

A good Role Playing Game

Overall the idea behind the game is been excellent with some really great features and great visuals. We can upgrade our inventory, manage shops to achieve success in the game. The game is supported in iOS devices having iOS version 10.0 and above and it is been developed by 10tons Ltd. This game is a visual treat for all iOS users and it definitely satisfy all role play game fans. Completing missions is really fun and the game is actually a great choice for all out there. The app can be downloaded from the Apple App store and costs just $ $5.99 to download and use.

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