Stoxy PRO – Stocks Indices Futures Android App Review

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Stoxy PRO – Stocks, Indices, Futures for Android provides a perfect platform for your stock market investments from the US, EU, and Asian markets. You will have access to detailed information pertaining to indices, stocks, currencies, commodities, financial news and other investments. The app is a great tool for those who are in business and finances. It is for those niche group of people who need to know every little update that happens in the stock market. You get information about major stocks and top indexes from around the world that will help you make the right investment decision. You can stay on top of the global stocks.

Get a Tight Grip On The Global Stock Market

Stoxy Pro for Android is a simple and intuitive app that helps you stay on top of the global stock market. You get access to the top stocks across the globe. It includes Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Netflix, Tesla, General Electric among others. Indexes from USA, Europe, Asia will be in your fingertips. You will have access to different commodity prices which includes crude oil, silver, gold, natural gas, sugar, cotton, corn, wheat, and others. You can follow currency exchange rates of all the currencies across the globe. It has a simple line chart and candle chart. The charts can be viewed in full screen. There are more than 15 different views of the chart. You can create customized portfolios of investments and track them. Screen widgets will allow you to follow stocks without opening the app.

Stoxy PRO Stocks Indices Futures Android App


Stoxy PRO Android app makes tracking stocks quite easy. You can easily follow futures, indices, stock from global stock market and indices. You get to decide after viewing after viewing the stock quotes and the performance of customized portfolios. It is as easy as tapping a ticker to view the interactive chart and other detailed information. You have access to the latest business news and investment from top publications from around the world. The unlimited notifications will help you react quickly to price changes. The app is priced $4.99 to download from Google Play Store.

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