SugarSync BlackBerry App Review

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SugarSync is a perfect file sync application for your BlackBerry device. With BlackBerry SugarSync mobile application, you can easily access all your files located on many different places. The advanced app combines file synchronization, remote access, online backup and file sharing into a single app.

Easy Access to Your Files

SugarSync is advanced app that helps you to synchronize and backup your files across your BlackBerry device, home PC, office desktops and laptops. It provides easy access to your files anytime, at any location. Using this app you can easily share files and folders with your friends and colleagues.

SugarSync app provides complete access to your files and important documents stored on different platforms. You can perform backups and remotely access files from any mobile device or PC. Through remote access, you can get access to your documents including Microsoft Office documents, music files, video files and much more stored on other computers. You can also edit your documents through remote editing.


The SugarSync BlackBerry app main features include access to synced computers, web archive, magic briefcase, mobile photos, photo gallery and shared folders. If you don’t want to sync any files or docs to your devices, you can store them in web archives. You can view and share photos using SugarSync app. You can take new photos and instantly sync them with your computers. You can share a complete photo album or individual files or folders.

SugarSync automatically stores previous versions of your files and you can easily view them on any computer or web browser. In addition to sync and share, SugarSync provides a great storage facility. All your data and media files stored in secure SugarSync website in the encrypted form. If your device is damaged, your data will be stored safely and you can retrieve all data easily.


SugarSync app is great for those BlackBerry users who want to store and share data quickly on the move. The main advantage is that most of the file sync and backup processes are automatic and the app will manage it efficiently. SugarSync app ensures high data security and confidentiality and data transfer is secure through SSL technology.

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