Evernote App for BlackBerry Review

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Evernote is an excellent note-taking app for BlackBerry users. You can quickly create and organize your notes any time using Evernote app. With this mobile application, you can capture everything including a text note, web clips, snap shots, recording and more on your BlackBerry device.

Remember All Things in One Place

Now it is easy to keep track of your notes through advanced Evernote app. The app helps you to remember and recall anything from small to big things. You can keep all the notes in one place and access them whenever you require. You can record any type of notes such as research note, class notes, client meetings, voice memos, snapshots of business cards, clip web pages, create to-do lists, synchronize your desktop notes and files and much more. Everything you record will be automatically processed, indexed and keep searchable. You can also organize notes into different notebooks.


Completely Useful Features

BlackBerry Evernote app has many features to keep your professional and personal notes safe and organized. You can record all information every while on the fly. When the app starts for the first time, you have to create an account. After creating a free account, the main menu of the Evernote app will be displayed. The main menu options include: Text a Note, Take a Snapshot, Create an Audio Note, Search and Upload a File.

You can easily create a note using Text a Note function. Just give a title, add some content and choose a notebook to save. You can also add tags to notes for easy searching. With snapshot feature, you can take picture using your blackberry device and add title text or tags. If you want to record some audio, use the audio notes function. Taking audio notes is simple by just clicking the record button. The app also helps you to store files online. You can upload any files on your BlackBerry’s SD card using upload function. The search function allows you to find any notes fast by titles, keywords and tags.


If you are looking for an effective note taking tool for your BlackBerry device, Evernote is a worthy app to download. The app has clean user interface with completely simple functions. The main advantage is that you can easily sync all notes between your PC or Mac, Evernote web app and BlackBerry device.

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