WpToGo App for Android Review

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WpToGo is a simple WordPress app designed for Android users. With WpToGo app, you can easily mange your blogs on WordPress platform. WpToGo app offers easy-to-use features that help you to control your WordPress posts simply through your Android device.

Simple and Handy WordPress Client

WpToGo Android app allows you to write and modify blogs on WordPress. You can create a new post, format text, add images and tags, view comments and much more while on the fly. One of the highlights is you can manage more than one WordPress blog using this app. The app lets you to add and control multiple WordPress accounts.

Android WpToGo app has two main screens – login screen and post screen. When you open WpToGo mobile application for the first time, you will be presented with Add Account screen. To enter into the app you have to enter the administrator username and password. This will make you sign into the WordPress blogging platform. After logging in, you can enter into the main post screen which is similar to the online WordPress blogging interface. The posting screen features options for posting title, content, picture, categories and more. You can also view a list of recent posts here. You can also edit, preview or view comments of your previous entries.


WpToGo app has all the great features that help you to create basic blog post. In addition to the Post Title and Content Section, there is a photo section to upload your photos. You can set some preferences such as size and alignment to upload images. You can perform simple formatting with Bold, Italic, Insert Links and Back quote options. There are also options to add tags and choose categories for posts. If you want to choose multiple categories, you can reselect from the dropdown list available. Additional options are available to view comments and preview of published blog posts. The WpToGo app provides the facility to save your posts as drafts.


WpToGo Android app is a completely a simple and user-friendly app that is perfect for WordPress bloggers. The app provides you a handy WordPress blogging interface with quick posting and editing facilities. To setup and use WpToGo on your Android device, you have to enable XML RPC protocol in WordPress admin field in Settings. You can download WpToGo from Android Market.

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