Super Powerboy Game for iPhone Review

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Super Powerboy for iPhone is an auto-running platformer game that is reminiscent of Mega Man titles. If you prefer a whimsical and charming endless runner game, then you should not give Super Powerboy a miss. Super Powerboy game can be downloaded for $1.99 from iTunes App Store.


The visuals of Super Powerboy for iPhone are gorgeous. The 3-D rendered graphics stands out, and reminds us of Pixar. This is one of the ravishing games that we’d tested recently. The world map and stages are beautifully laid out with incredibly fine detail, while the enemies and obstacles contrast nicely with the beautiful backdrops. The color tones range from soft hues to rich and vibrant ones. There are some neat lighting effects as well. Animations are slick and smooth. The game’s ambient and atmospheric soundtrack is great to listen to. Its voice for the narration is fine too. The game is built on the premise that Aliens have invaded our planet with a fiendish plan to plunder the Earth. Now, there is only Super Powerboy to save you. But he needs your help in gathering enough power to stop the aliens from stealing all of earth’s valuable resources.


Super Powerboy for iPhone is a level based game. It features 45 different stages that are spread out across five different areas on a world map. Your objective in each level is to collect all of the required shards indicated on the world map. Sans collecting the required number of shards, you can’t unlock the next stages to move on in the game. In each level, you got to make your way from the starting point to the end goal, while avoiding obstacles and getting rid of alien foes on the way. Further, there are bonus objectives such as defeating a number of enemies and gathering a certain amount of power. The controls in Super Powerboy game app are a bit different and might take a while to get used to it. But they’re still intuitive. The game uses both halves of the screen as controls. As the game features auto-running elements, it is about precision and timing as you can’t go back and fix the mistakes. New game mechanics are introduced as you progress and this make the game a lot more interesting. Once you reach the glowing light pillar at the end of the stage, you’ll done and can advance to the next level.


Super Powerboy for iPhone is an impressive game with stunning visuals and joyous soundtrack to listen to. The controls, though a bit different from the regular norm, is intuitive as well. The game play is rather challenging. You got to time your moves precisely if you want a perfect score. The objectives in each level give you something to work for, and this keeps things interesting. Overall, a beautiful auto-running platformer game worth checking out.

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