Advanced Data Usage Tracker for iPhone Review

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Keeping a track about the internet data has become very essential these days as it has very well turned out to be one of the most expensive aspects to buy and use in your phones. It only takes a few minutes to drain all of your data, sometimes even without your knowledge. Since there are many applications and services that require your internet often, you wouldn’t actually know before it gets exhausted, unless and until you keep a check on it. Advanced Data Usage Tracker for iPhone is designed and advertized as a solution to all your data tracking problems, thereby offering expert features to record all types of data usages in your smart phone. The app which weighs around 45MB, costs about $1.99 in the App Store and requires iOS 8.0 or above to run.


As claimed by the makers to be the most feature rich app of its kind, Advanced Data Usage Tracker iPhone app indeed has a plethora of data tracking functions and services that analyze, track, record and display almost every type of data usage which are done to and fro from your phone. The application is built to display all kinds of data information in detail and therefore the contents are divided into a number of tabs, sections and categories, all of which contribute together in the effective tracking process. The homescreen itself would often be more than enough to acquire almost all of the internet data related information in your phone. It acts like a one-touch destination that displays your data balance, validity plans, usage, statistics, percentage usage etc.


A separate division exists for Wi-Fi usage, 3G/4G usage and roaming data to make you aware of the consumption on each type of network. These usages can also be viewed in a map or a graph with respect to their locations and statistics. A preset limit can set for each day and month which would help trigger notifications when you reach or come close to the limits. For further details and information, a set of bonus features are also added within the application. A speed test function, timer widget, alert messages, share function etc are some of them. All of them are spread on a very attractive and spontaneous interface which looks perfect and also delivers perfect results.


Advanced Data Usage Tracker for iPhone can easily be called as an all round data tracker which does the A to Z of internet data tracking in your phone. Be aware and get notified about your daily and monthly data usages in the most proficient way and let yourself be in complete control about the same.

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