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If you are a Sushi lover, you will most likely have already installed Sushipedia Pro app in your iPhone. It is one of the few comprehensive Sushi reference resources that you can safely consider as reliable. Enter Sushipedia Pro, and you’ll find extensive descriptions on Sushi dishes, tasting and nutritional notes, historical data, and interesting facts, backed by full color photography, assembled into one application for your iPhone. Above all, the app lets you to learn more on Japanese food in general and Sushi culture in particular. Sushipedia Pro application comes with a very modest price tag of $0.99 per license.

The Application

Sushipedia Pro app for iPhone can be downloaded from iTunes Apple Store. Download and installation is a breeze over a 3G/EVDO connection. Even on GPRS/EDGE, it won’t take much long either. The user interface of Sushipedia Pro is well laid out and easy to navigate, even though there might be difference of opinion on the color scheme used by the app interface.

Sushipedia Pro iPhone app

iPhone Sushipedia Pro app is a virtual encyclopedia of 200+ sushi delicacies backed by comprehensive and accurate descriptions on each one of them. The ones figured in the list include the popular ones to the most obscure offerings from Japan. You can search sushi items by its name or ingredients, or its attributes. Further, if you wish, you can find more information on each sushi item, including facts on the same. Every Sushi item and ingredients are represented by detailed color photographs so that you won’t ever mistake one ingredient for another, no matter in what name it is called locally in Sushi culture. Users can swipe between the photos or use the zoom feature to view it more closely (3G/EVDO or WiFi required).

The ‘What’s in Season Now?’ button lets you quickly find recommendations for different seasons. Further, you can use the ‘Tagging’ function to build and save your Sushi preferences for later reference. You have two language options – English and Japanese – depending upon which tongue you prefer.

Final Thoughts

Sushipedia Pro app for iPhone is a one-stop destination for all your Sushi related information. It provides comprehensive, well researched info on Sushi and Sushi culture from Japan and across the world. Different variants of Sushi dishes are detailed in terms of its ingredients, alongside notes/descriptions on the items including factual and historical information. Dangers of not cooking properly certain ingredients (such as Blowfish) are also provided as a warning at the bottom of the screen in relevant places so that you’ll be forced to make your menu carefully every time, as the Japanese traditionally did.

Verdict: If you are an ardent Sushi fan, this is one app that you just can’t afford to give a miss.

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