System Status App for iPhone Review

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It is always handy to have an idea about the vital statistics your phone. System Status app for iPhone provides you just that. It provides information on the most basic device status parameters like battery and disk usage, network connections and carrier information, to advanced system data such as kernel version, memory page statistics, routing table, system log and CPU cache information. System Status iPhone app can be downloaded from iTunes App store for a reasonable $2.99.

System Status App Features

In your iPhone, given the number of apps and native iOS processes running at a given time, the device memory might be overloaded beyond limit. iPhone System Status app’s memory releasing mechanism let you free memory in one click, and reduce the strain on the device’s battery. The app also provides lots of vital system info at your finger tips. You can find info on pretty much every piece of hardware and software in your iPhone. Of course, such highly technical info might not interest an average common user. But there are certain areas that might be of interest to all iPhone users such as battery status info, memory and disk monitoring and cell and networking monitoring details.

System Status App for iPhone

Regarding battery info, System Status application provides graphical battery level display, estimated battery work time for different usage patterns (such as standby, audio and video playback, Wi-Fi and 3G browser usage, talk time), battery state monitoring, and adjustable battery health. You can always keep tab of your device’s memory management through real time memory usage analysis, used and free disk monitoring, file statistics, and detailed page statistics information that the System Status app provides.

On cell and network information front, the app educates the user on 3G and Wi-Fi network connection, IP and MAC address of current location, carrier info, external IP, list of network connections etc. Further, you can track CPU usage and list of running processes anytime, average load over a period of time, alongside keeping an eye on OS and hardware info such as system log, system boot time/uptime, detailed CPU and GPU information, and hardware features of the device such as display resolution, pixel density, battery voltage, battery capacity, front and rear camera resolution.

System Status application is compatible with iOS versions 5.0 or later.

Final Thoughts

System Status app for iPhone virtually brings all your iPhone system information at your finger tips. While technical information of this detail could overwhelm an average user a bit, nevertheless it provides some useful data as well such as battery life and running processes or available free memory at a given time. Verdict: a useful application to have if you badly want to keep tab of your system resources.

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