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Lots of to-do apps are available in Google Play Store. But those suiting your needs or has relevant features are a handful. From the reviewer’s perspective, an ideal to-do app should have an easy to use interface, drag and drop feature, a quick workflow, a web app complementing the mobile app and means to sync data between the two. Tasks app for Android is one such utility that has all these features. You can get Tasks app for $0.99 from Google Play Store.

Tasks App Features

Tasks app brings the full Google Tasks experience to Android. When you first fire up Tasks, you’ll be asked to select a Google Tasks account. If you got more than one account, you can add them all. The initial sync takes place quickly and flawlessly. Forgotten tasks in your Google account will be displayed, if there are any. You can delete it anytime you wish. The task order can be adjusted by moving your finger on the screen; use your finger to move the cursor and this in turn pushes tasks up/down.

Tasks App for Android

Creating a new task is a cake walk. Add a title, some notes if any, due date, and reminder and decide which task list it should be on. However, you can’t prioritize tasks or add files to tasks. It is not as feature rich as apps like Springpad either. The app arranges lists from left to right. You can simply swipe from left to right to check out the lists. If you have lots of them, use the bar on top to move to specific ones. Use menu to manage lists. The app also provides an option to share lists, in which case it is transformed into text format. From the settings option, you can turn off signature when sharing and the stock reminder may be suitably modified.

Whenever the due date is reached, you’ll receive a notification on the same. If your device has ICS or Jellybean OS, you can tick off tasks from the notification tray itself. Tasks app for Android also provides widgets that can be conveniently placed on the home screen. This scrollable widget can be used to access the app functions as well as create newer tasks.


Tasks app for Android is a useful and practical solution for Google Tasks users. It is simple, yet has all the features that one might expect from a to-do app, plus additional features such as support for multiple accounts and option to share lists. The user interface is one of the easiest to use that you’ll come across. Verdict: If you’re in the lookout for a feature-rich task app that syncs with Google Tasks, try Tasks app.

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