MyBackup Pro App for Android Review

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There are some essential apps that every smartphone owner needs, and one of those is a backup app. In situations wherein you might need to perform a factory reset, or is planning to purchase a new mobile phone, you’ll need a utility to backup your important data, contacts, email and SMS so that it can be downloaded back once your device is up and running again. MyBackup Pro app for Android is one such utility that’ll let you quickly and easily backup your data to the cloud or SD card. You can get MyBackup Pro app for $4.99.

MyBackup Pro App Features

To start using MyBackup Pro Android app, you got to sign in first for a user account. You can do it in-app or online at Choose a secure password you can remember. MyBackup Pro for Android let you backup your photos, call log, contacts, browser bookmarks, SMS (text messages), MMS, calendar, system Settings, alarms, home screens (including shortcut positions), dictionary, music playlists etc. The app doesn’t require a rooted phone. But if you got one, you can also backup apks and app data. Applications such as Meridian Player, Note Everything, and AK Notepad are already integrated and hence can easily be backed up.

MyBackup Pro App for Android

Android MyBackup Pro app let you backup to your SD card or do cloud backup to online secure servers. The latter is the most reliable option as even if you lose your phone, still you got your personal info safe in the cloud. You’ll get 100 MB cloud storage free, and an option to purchase 250MB for $10 per year or 1GB for $20 per year. You can schedule the backups so that the app does it automatically at specified times. Further, you can create multiple versions of the backup in the cloud (up to 30) and unlimited versions in SD card. MyBackup Pro application requires Android OS versions 1.5 and up.


MyBackup Pro app for Android let you quickly and easily backup your personal data/info to the cloud or SD card. The user interface is easy to use for most parts. Another positive is that the app works with non-rooted phones, even though if you got a rooted one, you’ll get access to some added features such as backing up apks and app data. If you don’t wish to pay upfront, try its free version. Verdict: Worth considering.

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