Amazing Breaker App for iPhone Review

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If you love playing challenging puzzle games, you might want to give Amazing Breaker app for iPhone a try. In the game, you use different projectiles to totally destroy various shapes carved in ice. You got to destroy at least 90% of the targets to progress to the next level. You can download iPhone Amazing Breaker game app for $0.99.

Amazing Breaker Game Features

The best part of Amazing Breaker app for iPhone is its immense replay value. You can play this game for any long without getting bored. The game play is perfectly suited for any downtime, whether you’re waiting in the airport lounge or simply chilling out on a couch after a hard day’s work. The game is about destroying each ice sculpture. You got tons of different bombs that you can deploy to destroy the structures. You have some flexibility in terms of when each bomb gets deployed. It is this flexibility that makes the game so interesting and addictive. There are multiple ways to deploy your strategies to get a perfect score.

Amazing Breaker App for iPhone

Amazing Breaker iPhone game app has been around for some time now. But it has been rather slow in introducing new level packs. However, a new one was introduced recently, and it has two new bombs, therein adding another layer of difficulty to the game play. One of those is sniper crystal, a single crystal that doesn’t cause many explosions on impact, but that can be deployed to hard-to-reach areas of the board to create chains. The second one is the ice cracking spider bomb. The bomb explodes on impact unless you shoot it towards an undetonated crystal. If you manage to line up the shot precisely, the spider bomb latches on to the crystal and then generates a five-point crystalline pentagon around a center point, and makes for some pretty big explosions. The game has about 120 awesome levels of challenges.


Amazing Breaker app for iPhone is one of those consistently enjoyable puzzlers in the app store. The new level packs got some challenging levels that’ll be fun playing. If you have not played Amazing Breaker yet, try it out now. If you have already, the new level pack brings some real surprise. Verdict: A challenging yet fun puzzle game for all ages.

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