JuiceDefender Ultimate App for Android Review

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Android OS is power hungry. Let’s accept the fact. The best thing one could do is to conserve power as much as possible to prolong the battery life. JuiceDefender Ultimate app for Android is a power manager application that helps you achieve this. However you got to have a rooted phone. You can get JuiceDefender Ultimate Android app for $4.99.

JuiceDefender Ultimate App Features

JuiceDefender Ultimate Android app employs a ton of advanced, fully customizable and really effective power saving features. The app has multiple power profiles that you can choose based on your requirements. This includes Balanced, Aggressive, Extreme, Customized and Advanced. For beginners, it would be advisable to start with Balance and slowly and steadily try the other profiles. If not properly set, the Advanced profile could actually end up draining your battery rather than saving it. Keep in mind, the app saves battery juice by cutting down on phone attributes such as radio-on time and screen time.

JuiceDefender Ultimate App for Android

The learning curve is a bit steep to say the least. Some of the intriguing features of JuiceDefender Ultimate app include geographic enablement under WiFi management. Any device searching for non-existent WiFi, 3G or 4G signals is going to drain battery. Using this feature, you can specify geographic boundaries for your device, within which only it scans for 3G/4G signals or WiFi. Further, the app let you specify schedules – peak and non-peak activity schedules – to allow certain activities such as checking for messages/email at select times. Using the app, you can also turn off mobile data or the radios during night (say).

Other features of Android JuiceDefender Ultimate app include CPU frequency scaling and Bluetooth control. Features apart, in terms of performance, with all the scheduling and power optimization settings implemented, JuiceDefender Ultimate app for Android was found that the app improves battery life 2-3 hours, which is just OK. For a paid app, you’ll expect more.


JuiceDefender Ultimate app for Android is a useful tool to extend your phone’s battery life by couple of hours, if not more. The app achieves its objective by letting you control the battery draining activities through intelligent scheduling, or restricting an activity to happen only at selected intervals/time duration. However, for the app to function, you need a rooted device. Verdict: We would recommend that you try out JuiceDefender’s free version before thinking of upgrading to JuiceDefender Ultimate.

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