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Xday app for Android does a simple calculation; it figures out how many days separate today and a day that you specify. For example, if you’re married, such a utility would come handy in calculating the days remaining for your next anniversary. You just enter a date, and the app will return how far you’re from that date as of today. You can get the ad-free version of Xday Android app for $0.99 from Google Play Store.

Xday App Features

In our everyday lives, there’ll be many occasions when you might want to calculate the days remaining up to a particular date, such as your spouse’s birthday or anniversary. Xday let you find just that. With Xday app for Android, you enter a date and the app tells you how much time is left until that date arrives. You can set the parameters for the date for the output such as years, months, days, hours and minutes. You also got a home screen widget that displays related calculations.

Xday App for Android

Android Xday app got a simple user interface. The main window is a list that shows the dates that you’ve entered. The ‘+’ icon at the top-right corner let you enter a new date. Once you click on the ‘+’ symbol, you got three different settings to configure: the final date, exact time and parameters. The latter let you specify whether you want to have the results in years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes or seconds. You can also enter a description of what each date means to you. Once done with all the settings, you just save the event, and it’ll take you back to out of the main screen. The app not only tells you how far you’re away from a particular date, but also informs you how long it’s been since the date has passed.

From the main window, you tap on the Android button to access certain extra features. For example, you can backup/restore data or re-order dates in the list by order of importance. You can drag the dates around and put it in the exact order you want. The app uses 36MB RAM while running.


Xday app for Android works as it promises. The app let you track multiple dates and tells you how much time based on the parameters that you set. If the date has passed, it tells you how much time has passed since. The user interface is simple and clean. Home screen widget comes handy. Lack of integration with Google Calendar is a downer though. Verdict: A useful app to keep track of days left up to a particular day in the future.

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