TeamSpeak 3 Voice Chat Software Android App Review

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TeamSpeak 3 Voice Chat Software for Android is an advanced voice chat and communication app for the sole purpose of business and gaming. It is an advanced communication app that is secure and enables a group of people to interact and share information amongst each other through the internet or any other private network. The app is compatible with any Android device, Linux, iOS, MacOS, and PC. It is the best voice chat solution for gamers, family, friends and business owners. It let’s you get connected to anyone across the globe, chat with your team, discuss action plans, conduct online events in real time without any hassles.

Voice Chat With Your Team Members Securely

TeamSpeak 3 for Android is a simple and easy voice chatting app that is optimized to provide a great mobile experience. You will have to be connected to a TeamSpeak 3 server so you can chat with others. You cannot directly connect with the users. You need to download the desktop client to view the list of public servers. You need to contact the administrator for connection information to join a private server. It allows multi server connectivity. The app allows synchronized bookmarks. The app had voice activation and push to talk. You can also access all common administration functions. The app allows sending and receiving text messages. You can manage contacts and identity. It has detailed player information and channel. You will be notified of the player status.

TeamSpeak 3 Voice Chat Software Android App Review


TeamSpeak 3 Voice Chat for Android is one of the best app for secure voice chatting. The app is free of spams and can be run on a private server. It is securely connected and makes chatting with your clan, guild or even a colleague very safe. You can even use any of the public servers and still be safe. The best way to be connected to your team anywhere and anytime. The developers are regularly updating the app with new features to make the experience even more better. The app costs $0.99 to download from Google Play Store.

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