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Simple acts of etiquette, such as sending a personalized Thankyou card after an interview or business meeting, could make a good impression. But who has the time to go around shopping for a card, affixing a stamp, and finding a mail box to post it? With ThankYouPro app for iPhone, you can send physical cards to someone right from your iPhone. Using the app, you can choose your card, personalize it and mail it within a day, all for $2.99 or less per card. You can get ThankYouPro for free from iTunes.

ThankYouPro App Features

ThankYouPro app for iPhone help you create and send physical greeting cards. You can even sign on your phone, and the signature is added to your physical card when it is emailed. As mentioned, sending a physical card costs $2.99 (US/Canada). If you don’t wish to spend money, you can send free email cards from this app.

ThankYouPro App for iPhone

In ThankYouPro for iPhone, you can choose from over 60 quality card designs to fit the situation, whether it is casual, formal, friendly, or contemporary. Alternatively, you can create your own card from a photograph or any image. Further, you can write your personal thank you note with a handwriting font and pen color of your choice. iPhone 4S users can even dictate their messages.Now tap ‘Mail’ and your card is sent off to the printer to be printed, slipped into the envelope, and mailed.

However lacking in ThankYouPro iPhone app is a photo editing feature. It would have been nice had it been possible to take a photo, add text, filters, and resize it right there in the app. Also, the app got only less than two dozen card options. The interface is Ok. ThankYouPro is compatible with iOS versions 5.0 or higher.


ThankYouPro app for iPhone let you create and send physical greeting cards from your iPhone. It has got multiple card designs to choose from. Personalization options include the ability to add photos, write custom message in multiple font/color, or put your sign on the card. iPhone 4S and above users can dictate their messages to the app. The UI is just average. The app also lacks a photo editing feature. Verdict: An app that will let you create and mail a professional thank you card in minutes. Check it out.

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