The Photographer’s Ephemeris Android App Review

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The Photographers Ephemeris for Android is an oddly named app that is used for outdoor photography. The app has powerful tools that provides immense capability to aid the creative quest of a photographer. It is a best friend of a photographer who loves outdoor photography, like nature photography, wildlife photography and any movie shoots. The best thing about the app is that it can help you manage your shoot better. You can quickly find the perfect shooting spot, date, and time for any scene and will set up the exact scene you would be taking at a particular time of the day.

Be the ace photographer with this app

Photographers Ephemeris Android app is an intuitive yet simple app that helps photographers capture excellent outdoor shots. From simple tools to advanced features, the app can be a photographer’s best friend and provides excellent capability to create the best photographs. The app has the time and direction information on the sun and moon rise and setting. One can view the altitude and azimuth of celestial bodies and detect the time of nautical, civil and astronomical twilight. The percentage of illumination will help you plan for the tight spot. Detects time zones automatically and predicts the golden hour with time and duration for a particular location. You can determine sea level elevation, the angle, bearing and distance between any two points. You can import and export locations. Open cycle map, open street map and topographic map can be used offline.

The Photographers Ephemeris Android App Review


Photographers Ephemeris for Android is the best app a photographer can have, be it a novice or an ace professional. It not just takes photographs but also helps you plan the shooting site. You can easily find when the sun or moon rise behind the hill, compensation of atmospheric refraction and horizon elevation. The app is priced at $3.49 to download from Google Play Store. The app needs Google Play Services and Google Maps installed in your device. The map auto rotate feature requires a device with accelerometer and magnetometer.

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