Planit Pro: Photo Planner Android App Review

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Planit Pro: Photo Planner for Android is an app for landscape photographers. Photography is an and to get all the elements right to snap a great photo is challenging. Landscape photography is adventurous and you need special skills to get all the aspects right. Travel photographers, night photographers, nature photographers will find this app utmost useful. It is an ultimate app that has loads of feature to get the effects that is required for every image. You will simply enjoy landscape photography like never before. Milky way, star traits, time lapse and even astro effects and more are something you will love to have in your photos and app will help you do that.

An App For All Kind Of Photographers

Planit Pro for Android is a simple yet powerful photography app that is packed with features. It uses GPS coordinates to scout locations. It can clearly identify the distance, elevation, clear view, elevation gain, focal length , hypetfocal distance, aerial photography, panorama to capture the image. It has Ephemeris features that will help you capture sunrise, moonrise, sunset, moonset, twilight sand more. You get to see VR, AR and street view pictures. The app is leveraged to use viewfinder technologies on the map. There are enough tools to help photographers to visualize the scene. They can combine the subjects in place and all the celestial object like sun, stars, moon, star trails and milky way. The app reduces the chance of snapping unprepared.

Planit Pro Photo Planner Android App Review


Planit Pro: Photo Planner Android app is one of the best apps for photographers. It may sound very expensive but it is worth with so many features available in a single platform. The developers constantly update the app with new features that makes life of photographers easy. The algorithm based features provide the best experience as you work with the app. The app works offline if you download the offline mbtitles maps and offline elevation files. Everything you need for landscape photography is present in the app. The app costs $9.99 to download from Google Play Store.

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