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To The Throne for iPhone is a retro inspired minimalistic puzzler that is replete with royal challenges. Those who like games that give a nice workout to your brains should check this one out. You can download To The Throne app for $1.99 from iTunes App Store.


The visuals of To The Throne for iPhone are delightful and vintage. It features super simple pixel art designs that take you back to the 90s. But they are also detailed enough to be modern. The colors are vivid and bright. The different designs in the background represent the areas that you’ll be going through as you help guide a young king to his true throne. Its medieval chiptune soundtrack is a treat to listen to. So we recommend players to use their headphones for maximum effect. To The Throne for iPhone is level based as you would have expected. The game currently has 52 stages spread across six different areas. The game tells the story of King Kingsly, a young king, who must overcome difficult trials in order to earn the right to his true throne with the assistance of his royal advisor, Bitsworth. The game starts of as simple. But as you progress, things start to become trickier.


The objective in each stage is to reach the throne as well as collect any shattered royal emblem that you might come across. The throne is usually perched up on some unmovable blocks. But you can pick up different blocks and move them to a different spot to create pathways to the throne. Bitsworth gives you tips that you can accept or decline. The blocks are of different types, with their own characteristics and properties. As each new block is introduced, you got to tinker around with it before you can figure out a way to solve the puzzle. Each level shows a timer at the top along with the number of moves you’d made so far. When you’re done with a stage, you’ll be awarded up to three stars depending on how many moves you had made. Since you can always attempt to improve your timings, the game has great replay value. To The Throne requires iOS 8.3 or higher.


To The Throne for iPhone is a fun puzzler with beautiful visuals and challenging game play. It’s simple pixel art design is a throwback to the 90s. The controls are simple enough to pick up, but difficult to master. The game also has tremendous replay value. Check it out if you love retro-styled games.

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