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Got too many clothes, but can’t find anything to wear? – is a very common situation that happens to everyone, every often whenever you look through your closet full of dresses. To get rid of the confusion and to save your time in such things, an application called Stylebook for iPhone can offer its services from now on. Stylebook is exclusively designed to manage your closet and organize your wardrobes in the most comprehensive way possible. This 26.5 MB sized application costs around $3.99 in the App Store and is compatible with all devices having iOS 8.0 or later. Stylebook app is more suited for women and women’s clothing and for those who are looking for the men’s only version will have to opt for ‘Stylebook Men’, released from the same developers.


Stylebook for iPhone provides you with as many as 90 different features grouped into 9 separate tabs. The first one that catches your attention is called the ‘Closet’. This is the place where you add up photos of all your dresses inside a virtual closet. The photos can be either uploaded from your gallery or captured through the built-in camera within the app. A background eraser feature is provided to clear off any unwanted backgrounds from your clothing, so that just the dress alone remains in the picture. These clothes can be grouped into their respective categories like tops, bottoms, skirts, inners, winter dresses, summer dresses and so on. The major advantage of having such a feature is that whenever you open the section, you can view all your clothes at a single glance. The need to search and sort to finally find what you like is reduced to an extent, saving a lot of your time.


Then there are the ‘Looks’ and the ‘Inspiration’ tabs, which are exclusively designed to let you plan or choose your favourite style of dressing according to the latest trends. A ‘Calendar’ section is also provided to prepare and fix your dresses to be worn on each day of a particular month. All your chosen dresses will readily appear near the side of the dates while viewing the calendar. The ‘Packing’ feature is another major highlight which can become very handy during your travel plans. The ‘Style Stats’ feature, which is designed to display the number of times you have worn a dress and the ‘Shop’ tab which takes you through an online shopping tour are just some of the many bonus features filled within the application. There are plenty of other services too which are proven to assist you during all types of your outfit preparations. All of them are intended to help you wear your best suited clothing without spending too much of your time.


Stylebook iPhone app can serve to be an all round clothing assistant, providing you all what you need to plan, organize and manage your closet and clothes in the best way possible. A very handy app for all those who waste a large chunk of time digging your wardrobes to decide what to wear!

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