Huetopia Interactive Puzzle Game for iPhone Review

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Huetopia for iPhone is an interactive puzzle game that is about matching the colored blocks with their appropriate spaces. If you’d liked games such as Spectrum 6 and Bicolor, then you might find Huetopia interesting as well. You can download Huetopia game for $0.99 from iTunes App Store.


Huetopia for iPhone follows a minimalistic approach when it comes to visuals. The game features simplistic geometric shapes such as rectangles, circles, and squares. Behind these shapes is a background that is split up into different sized stripes of color that correspond with the hues used in the circles that are embedded into the blocks. The colors range from soft pastels to more rich and vibrant tones. The subtle animations in the game are smooth and fluid. The background music is rather soothing. Huetopia for iPhone is a level based game wherein you got to solve the current level to advance to the next. But you’re always free to go back and replay any stage you want. There are no time limits or move restrictions to bother you. The puzzles can be solved at your own pace and convenience.


The controls in the game are easy enough to understand. Moving the blocks around is easy, once you get a hang of it. If you’re stuck, there aren’t any hints to help you out. But by moving the blocks around, you should be able to solve the puzzles most of the times. The game starts off as easy with only two colors to match. But soon things get much more intricate and complex, with three colors to match and many more blocks to move around. Huetopia app requires iOS versions 7.0 or later.


Huetopia for iPhone is a minimalist, colorful and beautiful puzzle game with tons of exciting boards to play and solve. This level based game has manageable difficulty levels, with no time limits or move restrictions to meet. Those who love to solve puzzles at their own pace and convenience will certainly like Huetopia. The visuals are beautiful, while the soundtrack is calming. The controls are intuitive and easy to use. The game has also great replay value since you can always come back and play a previous level, if you wish so. We found the game to be pretty stable as well. Check it out if you love puzzles in general.

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