Todo Task Manager app for iPhone

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Todo is a premium task manager application for iPhone that comes with a variety of flexible features. While it is debatable if Todo is the ultimate task manager app for iPhone, what is true is that the app does comes with some really handy features for the money you spend for a license. Todo app for iPhone comes with a price tag of $9.99, even though a stripped down version is available for free.

Features for Todo App

Todo iPhone app organizes tasks in a much efficient manner, in comparison with most other task managers out there. It gives you, the user, more than one option for sorting your task, mostly based of the Getting Things Done methodology by David Allen. More specifically, the app lets you organize tasks by lists, tags and contexts. The app also lets you search tasks under each of these headings.

Todo Task Manager app for iPhone

Further, like in other GTD based task managers, Todo lets one create subtasks under a project. These subtasks can have due dates and priority rankings. On the other hand, if you don’t wish to add due dates in subtasks, you can go for checklists. It is quite easy to do that using quick add feature. Further, you can reorder subtasks by drag and drop feature, which can also be used to change due dates/list headers.

But the two main features that make Todo a worth investment is the coming together of repeating tasks and full calendar view in one application. In Todo, while selecting the due date, you are presented the full calendar view so that you can visualize when exactly you want a task to be due, on the context of a month. The repeating task comes handy if you have lots of tasks that your team must do regularly. You can even repeat projects or checklists, thus letting you streamline the important processes in a breeze.

Finally, if you wish to delegate, Todo iPhone application lets you email or share the tasks/checklists/projects with someone else in your team, provided they also got Todo in their iPhones. Todo also gives lots of emphasis on customization. This includes color coding, UI changes, or even symbols to denote priority rankings of your tasks. On the downside, performance with push notifications and sync needs more streamlining.

Final Thoughts

Todo is certainly a feature-heavy task manager application for iPhone. It got some good combination of features not seen in most other task manager apps. However, shortcomings with the push notifications/sync features stand out in an otherwise an excellent feature rich task manager app. Go for it if you need a task manager app that gives you lots of options. On the other hand, if you wish to test it first, download Todo’s free light-weight version to get a feel of the same, albeit with lesser features.

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