Mike Holmes Make It Right app for iPhone

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As you all might agree that home renovation projects never go the way you had planned it before you started out. Mike Holmes Make It Right app for iPhone (by Holmes on Homes) extends a helping hand in guiding you through your home renovation project. The app is easy to use, has lots of features to help you with your home renovation project, and is reasonably priced at $3.99 per license.

The App

In one sentence, Mike Holmes Make It Right iPhone app is just feature rich. It is easy to get lost in the sea of features when you use it for the first time at least. Hence it is advisable to go through the tutorial of the app beforehand. The app comes with a photo tool that lets you take photos throughout the renovation process. Doing so will let you compare the progress of renovation. Further, the photo annotation feature lets you add captions or notes directly to the photo scrapbook. The app also comes with a contractor address book wherein you can add the contact information of various contractors in your area for quick reference.

Mike Holmes Make It Right app for iPhone

iPhone Make It Right app also comes with videos that provide tips on home renovation from Mike Holmes. Another important feature of Mike Holmes Make It Right app is the project tracking tool. It lets you plan and keep track of multiple projects. What you have to do is to create a project, and the app will walk you through the different steps as per the Make it Right policy. Further, once you employ a contractor, you can track the payment schedule from inside the app. Also, you could add incidental notes, change orders, alongside other details in the project log. If you are not familiar with any of the technical terms, refer the glossary section to look up the terms, brands, and concepts relating to home renovation.

The Mike Holmes Make It Right app also includes a resource section that is structured to give you a foundation-to-attic understanding of your home. According to Mike Holmes, even if you hire a contractor to do the job, it is vital that you also understand what is happening ‘behind the drywall’.

The app also lets you export the project details via email. You can send select details to your contractor if you wish so, and once the project is completed, you can archive the project for later reference.

Final Thoughts

From videos and material comparisons to photos, glossary and tips for renovation, the Mike Holmes Make It Right app for iPhone provides everything you might need while undertaking a home renovation project.

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