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Falling down is not as exciting in real life as it is in this Android app.  Android’s Falldown Classic treats you to an otherwise different experience. It is a simple game yet it is fast paced and can be very addictive. Overcoming the obstacles can be done in several options such as by using a track ball, tilting the device or by using your phone’s touch screen facility. Easy to play, you have to make sure that your ball is able to go down the holes successfully. Stay alive in to stay in the game.

Falldown best app


No difficulty level

Scores can go higher provided you do not get squished

3D game mode

Realistic or classic game modes


6/10 Falldown is an exciting game but it lacks the flare, the color and the sound that today’s generation of mobile applications are equipped with. Nonetheless, it still brings to everyone the kind of fun and excitement that everybody looks for in a game.


Falldown Classic lets you enjoy playing the game nonstop. There is no difficulty level but you need to stay alive in the game if you want to earn more points. You can have all the fun that you want if you play your ball right.  The game doesn’t need flashy graphics or awesome audio, it’s just a good challenging game app to have installed.  A lot of people have run into some problems with the latest release.  We tested out the old release and then upgraded.  There are some issues with the physics.  Several people have reported that the trackball feature is no longer working.  We still rate this fairly highly, but the problems need to be fixed and we have been assured that those issues should be cleared up in less than two weeks.

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