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Earlier the user was left with no choice but to buy a ringtone/song, if he/she wished to change the ringtone in his/her iPhone. But things have changed now, and with the aid of ringtone apps, you can make virtually any song/tune to be your favorite ringtone. But for an average user, still creating ringtones using apps is not an easy job. Some apps have a library of ringtones to download, some lets you edit the songs, and virtually all of the said apps require you to use a PC to transfer the songs to the iPhone. In short, none of the apps makes it simple as Ringtone Designer Pro app for iPhone does. The Ringtone Designer Pro app is a paid application from Blackout Labs stable, and is priced at $0.99 for an annual license.

The App

The interface of Ringtone Designer Pro app for iPhone is simple and easy to navigate. Once you choose your song (or any recording using the microphone), to edit it to a ringtone, a waveform of the song appears on the interface. On the waveform, you are given a start and end point, to pick the length of the ringtone. You can edit the song to have a maximum duration of 40 seconds. However, it is noted that despite compiling a 40sec ringtone, the entire song might not get loaded into your iPhone.

iPhone Ringtone Designer Pro mobile application

Another downside with the Ringtone Designer Pro application is that the wave form it presents to the user is not based on any definitive parameter. In other words, it is more of a visual representation not based on any specific attribute. As a result, it will be tough to pinpoint the part of the song you wish to clip for the ringtone, based on the wave form. If you’ve previously edited some song on the PC, you will notice this anomaly quickly.

Once the ringtone is created, it is very easy to load to the iPhone. Go to iTunes, find your device, and check the settings in that permit you to do file sharing from the application. Once done that, simply drag your creation to the phone like you do with any file in Windows or Mac.


If you love editing songs for ringtones, you’ll certainly love Ringtone Designer Pro iPhone app. It is easy to use, and performs reasonably well save few drawbacks. The app costs only less than a dollar, even though a free version is also available, albeit with lesser features.

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