WaveSecure Mobile Security App for Android

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WaveSecure is tenCube’s solution for finding lost mobile phones. It is a mobile security app that lets you track, back up and locks down your mobile phone, if lost, thereby keeping your data safe and secure. WaveSecure is a paid Android application that comes at a price tag of $19.90 a year.

The Application

On installing Android WaveSecure application, when you run it the first time, it will ask for your phone’s number. The app will send a text message to verify the entered phone number. In the next screen, you have to enter 1 to 9 buddies and a PIN code for locking and unlocking the phone. An SMS will be sent to the buddy’s contact numbers automatically by the application if you lose your phone.

On the main screen, the one you’ll find yourself in after going through the abovementioned procedure, you could see the features of WaveSecure Android app. From the top, they are

WaveSecure app for Android

1. Backup: It is an option to send your contacts, SMS, call logs etc to WaveSecure’s sever. It could either be retrieved online or can be backed up into the phone.
2. Upload Media: Technically another backup feature, to send files to the server.
3. Restore: It is an option to restore the contacts and SMS backup you sent to the server.
4. Lockdown Phone: No matter if one is going to use this feature ever, this option lets the user locks down his/her phone as it is now.
5. WipeNow: Wipes the phone clean of any personal data. Again, unless one is going to lose his/her phone, none is going to use this option either.

After installation, and registration, WaveSecure app takes you to the main page every time you open WaveSecure. Going any further will require you entering the PIN. But, remember that this will work only if you have previously exited WaveSecure by pressing the ‘Back’ button.


Lock: You can lock it online or directly through the application. Also, WaveSecure application can be set to lock the phone should a different SIM is inserted. Further, you can have the app sound an alarm should the phone lock via any of the abovementioned ways. The app will also display your last location.

Backup: It can be done by a single press of Backup in WaveSecure app, or through online means. The backing up procedure is incremental as only the changed info since the previous backup will be updated.

Track: When an unknown SIM card is placed into your phone, an SMS is sent to your buddies, and an alert is sent to the phone. Further, the phone’s location can be tracked on the web. If your phone is GPS enabled, the app will provide the present location of the phone from the nearest cell tower info.

Wipe: As a final resort, if you are pretty sure that you can’t retrieve your phone, you can send remote Wipe command to wipe all personal info stored in the phone clean.

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