Virtual Horse Racing 3D

| June 20, 2012 | 0 Comments

Can’t get enough of the excitement and adrenaline you get from sports betting activities, but can’t seem to spare time and effort in attending such events? With Virtual Horse Racing 3D, you’ll never have to part from horse race betting. Virtual Horse Racing 3D is a racing game app you can download and play on your smartphone and take with you anywhere you go. The game is quite easy to play but the level of excitement it offers isn’t that simple and easy to surmise.

Let’s talk about features. Virtual Horse Racing 3D offers real-time 3D graphics that boasts realistic horse racing with vivid and attractive colors that make it more addictive to play. Aside from display, the game’s sound system is also virtual 3D, which makes sound effects extremely realistic and makes you feel like you’re at a real horse racing event. Other noteworthy features you should expect from Virtual Horse Racing 3D include turf tracks, a device that prevents sleep mode, slow motion, betting history and records, real-time possible wins calculation, straight bets and horse details with distinct abilities.

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