Infinite Design App for Android Review

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Infinite Design app for Android breaks the ceiling as far as your creativity goes. The application let you create complex and beautiful designs effortlessly. Infinite Design Android App may be obtained from Google Play Store for $4.99.

How Infinite Design App works?

Infinite Design app for Android uses its proprietary algorithms to create complex designs in different symmetries. As far as you are concerned, it is just about realizing your creative side using the brushes the app provides. There are five symmetries – X-Axis, Y-Axis, Arbitrary Angle, Radial, and Kaleidoscopic – and multiple brush types that are tailor made to ensure optimal workflow on the go. A fluid interface optimized for Android touch screen devices makes work flow on the go much easier and streamlined.

Infinite Design App for Android

Since Android Infinite Design app creates all the paths using vector-based graphics, you can freely zoom in, zoom out, or pan over infinitely, thus transforming the phone screen to a canvas of unlimited possibilities. The effective use of layer system means those Photoshop fans will certainly feel at home with Infinite Design. More specifically, the app provides infinite layers and unique layer options, such as Split, Merge, Flip, Duplicate, and the ability to apply a perspective transformation to a layer. As in typical drawing software, you can do/undo your paths anytime. Further, to prevent unintended deletion of paths, the eraser comes with a softness function that lets you define the paths that can be erased and those that cannot be.

In order to prop up the designs, you can use the special effects feature that includes four types of blurring, inner or outer shadowing, and embossing. Infinite Design application also has auto save feature. Once done with your work, the designs can be saved as JPEG or PNG. Also, it is possible to export to SVG for editing in your favorite graphics editor (it works with Adobe Illustrator and Inkscape). Infinite Design is compatible with Android versions 2.1 and upwards.


Infinite Design app for Android is a designer’s delight. In the limited realm of your smart phone’s screen space, the app lets you create infinite number of multilayered designs with ease. You can zoom-in and out of the graphics at will, which will help in macro editing, whereas the ability to draw in five symmetries means no design is implausible for a talented artist. Overall, a must have app for all talented people out there.

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