Golf KingDoms App for iPhone Review

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Golf KingDoms app for iPhone is a fun slide-scrolling game of golf wherein you are supposed to hit the golf ball and land it in a cup at the end without fail. The exciting part of the game is about unexpected challenges that might require you to use your brain to get you out of trouble. Golf KingDoms iPhone app comes for $0.99 from iTunes.

How Golf KingDoms Game is played?

The first thing you might notice about Golf KingDoms is its brilliant background pictures and the paper cut style. You can choose between three different backgrounds: snow, forest and volcano. Playing Golf KingDoms game app for iPhone might be a challenge the first time; if that is the case, try out the practice round before going into a tournament. Across three kingdoms, there are 27 challenging holes, with the option to play each round with the wind turned on/off. Playing in wind will be challenging as in real golf.

Golf KingDoms App for iPhone

You’ll find controls to vary direction and power on the iPhone screen. The sound effects compliment the action going on screen; guitar stands out especially. An apparent downside is that the visual angle follows the ball once it is hit. But is a tad slow to catch the position where the ball drops. It becomes exaggerated on the high ground. Also, Golf KingDoms iPhone game app does not display the orbit of your last shot; instead, you’ll only get to see the strength you were using on the last turn, and angle. You are forced to remember the picture by yourselves, and as a result, it is only natural that you’ll make mistakes again.

In order to hit the golf ball, touch, press and swipe in the direction in which you want it to be hit.
As mentioned, graphics of Golf KingDoms is excellent to say the least. It looks good on the Retina display. Golf KingDoms iPhone application is compatible with iOS versions 3.2 and upwards.

Final Thoughts

Golf KingDoms app for iPhone brings together the fun of conventional golf with the excitement of solving a puzzle. It is easy to play, but might take some time before you manage to get the golf hit right. Those who want some training may try out the practice round. The graphics is good, so are the sound effects. Verdict: a fun game of golf to provide you with the much needed entertainment during occasional breaks from work.

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