Beer Buddy – Barcode Scanner App for iPhone Review

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Beer lovers will certain find Beer Buddy – Barcode Scanner app for iPhone interesting. This iPhone application will be your buddy in finding, drinking and rating your favorite beers. You can also view reviews from fellow beer lovers. Beer Buddy – Barcode Scanner iPhone app may be downloaded from iTunes App Store for $3.99.

How Beer Buddy iPhone app works?

You can find beers by searching by name, barcode, or by checking the top 50 list. The said list displays beers under ‘top by style’, ‘top by season’, and ‘top by country’. Once you zero-in on your favorite beer(s), you can put them in the favorites list. Alternatively, if there are beers that you’ve not tasted yet, you can compose them into a separate list using the ‘On Tap’ function. In the ‘favorites list’, you can rank and rate your beers. Further, with the addition of new ales, porters, stouts, ciders, and more your favorites list can seamlessly be edited. It goes without saying that Beer Buddy – Barcode Scanner app for iPhone is SNS integrated.

Beer Buddy Barcode Scanner App for iPhone

Searching and finding a beer with ‘Beer Finder’ is a piece of cake. You can search beers by name, or the top beers in a country. You can also rely on the app’s huge database of restaurants, beverage stores, bars, and breweries that serve your favorite beer. The app lists restaurants/stores near you based on your current location, or alternatively, you can search the same using name/address.

The app also comes with an inbuilt scanner application; you may use your iPhone’s camera to scan the barcodes from beer bottles/cans/cases to obtain important info on the said brand, including history, alcohol content, user reviews, and the brewery that produced the particular beer. Finally, you can trust the beer reviews you find in Beer Buddy, thanks to its tight integration with the web’s most complete beer database at Those who have an account with can write and upload beer reviews right from the iPhone Beer Buddy application. Beer Buddy – Barcode Scanner is compatible with iOS versions 4.0 and upwards.


With Beer Buddy – Barcode Scanner app for iPhone at your disposal, no longer you need to run to a PC to find out about the season’s favorite beer or a top beer in a particular country you’re vacationing in. The app provides you with all info on beers at your fingertips. Its search feature is intuitive, so is the option that lists restaurants/stores near your location. Integration with keeps you on top of the right piece of information all the time. The ‘On Tap’ function and ‘favorites list’ lets you keep tab of your favorite beers. SNS integrations comes as a bonus. Overall, a must have app for every beer lover out there.

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