Voice Reading Pro Android App Review

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Text-to-speech feature is one among the huge list of services that got hugely popular with the advent of smart phones. Since most of the phone users are often on the move, this function really helps them to listen to whatever text they come across in their smart phones without having to look and concentrate on the screen. Voice Reading Pro for Android is one such application which excels in this particular service and lets all of your texts in the phone to be real aloud, in its perfect class and quality. Though the app costs about $2.21 in the Google Play Store, that doesn’t seem to have affected the large number of downloads or the excellent rating of 4.5 stars out of 5.


Voice Reading Pro Android app extends its support to almost all the major areas of text in your android phone. Whether it’s a small SMS or a medium sized e-mail or even a large e-book, everything can be merged with the application and read aloud by the voices in it. The reading process is similar to a music track being played with all the necessary controls. There are switches or buttons for pause, resume, forward, backward, next, previous etc. There are also options to start reading the text from any desired point or position. The application supports all sorts of text documents, be it in any common format like .doc, .pdf, .txt etc to be opened and played through it. The files can be opened and played irrespective of their size and page number. Even e-books with hundreds of pages can be read aloud effortlessly within the application. The app also supports URL reading or reading text content directly from a web-page.

Voice Reading Pro Android App Review

There are two different ways to open up a text in the application. The very evident ‘+’ icon on the top of the screen lets you locate and open any file, URL or text from the phone memory. The other easy method is by sharing your desired file or URL or SMS to the application. Voice Reading Pro Android app will be one among the list of the other sharing platforms in your phone and therefore brings up its icon whenever prompted to share a text file. When the selected text is shared, it right away opens up in the app and the voice process can be initialized. Being a pro version, there are no annoying ads or bugs associated with the app. The interface is simple and responsive with all the icons and menus delivering their perfect results in no time.


Voice Reading Pro for Android can really become handy when you are too busy to look up your screen to read something. Just open the application and let it read aloud whatever you want to read; easily, effortlessly and efficiently.

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