Flipominos iPhone Game App Review

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Flipominos app for iPhone is a procedurally generated puzzle game featuring infinite levels. In the game, your aim is to move the cube structure so its base matches the marked area. Once you do that, you’ll automatically move to the next level. Flipominos can be downloaded for $2.99 from iTunes App Store.


Flipominos app’s bland light gray background and monotone checkered grid layouts for each stage doesn’t have much of an aesthetic appeal. The only sign of color is on the cube and the matching squares on the grid. The 3D rendering is satisfactory. Still, for the minimalistic design, the game looks decent. Animations are smooth, while the sound effects are a fun touch. In Flipominos for iPhone, each level is procedurally generated. The game dynamics remains the same across the levels, even though the layout will vary. Technically, the app has infinite number of levels (the developers’ count it to 4.3 billion, which is lots of puzzles in any case). You can solve the puzzles at your own pace. There is also an option to go back and replay an earlier level, in case you want to.

Flipominos iPhone Game App Review

So, what is the game is about? On the board is a blue colored cube structure, and a marked base area somewhere. Your job is to roll the cube appropriately to take it to the marked base area. To move the cube, just swipe in the desired direction on the screen. Flashing red squares indicate the direction in which the structure can’t be moved any longer. Once the structure matches up with the marked base, the level ends. The initial levels are easy. But soon there will be obstacles like lasers and spikes that you must avoid. If you’re stuck, you can use the unique hint system. It is a Twitter-based help system wherein you can send a tweet to @flipominos and you’ll get a direct message with the solution (of course, you got to follow them). But you’re only shown the first few moves, and you got to figure out the rest. Controls are intuitive and easy to follow. The app is also stable. Flipominos requires iOS 7.0 or higher.


Flipominos for iPhone is a unique and interesting procedurally generated puzzler that virtually never runs out of levels. There are enough puzzles to keep you busy for a lifetime. The difficulty levels increases as you progress through the levels. The graphics is minimalistic. The controls are intuitive and easy to learn. Check it out if you love puzzlers that allow you to play it at your own pace rather than racing against a ticking clock.

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