Weather+ App for iPhone Review

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Weather+ app for iPhone lets you check on the weather in your place as well as in other places around you within seconds. Weather+ got a fantastic interface to do that. So, if you’re staying in California and planning a trip to your parents in Oregon, it is the first app you got to check even before looking at the flight schedule. Weather+ may be downloaded for free from iTunes App Store for $0.99.

Weather+ iPhone App Features

Weather+ app for iPhone gives you current weather conditions and a 5-day forecast of all worldwide weather stations. The app uses your device’s GPS to set the weather screen of your current location. It got a clear rendition of your local time, current date and temperature (in Celsius or Fahrenheit as per your choice), moon phases, time of sunrise/sunset, barometric pressure, and humidity. In comparison, you got to spend at least 5 minutes in front of TV weather report to gather this much information. The only annoying aspect is the banner ad that pops up at the bottom end of the screen. But you can do away with the ad banner by purchasing the $0.99 version of Weather+ iPhone application from iTunes App Store.

Weather+ App for iPhone

Further, tapping on the ‘I’ in the corner or dragging up will display the settings and the option to add multiple locations. When you got more places, you can navigate between them by simply swiping on the main screen. You can have the info panned out before you in various formats; you can pick it from the widgets menu under settings. Other notable features of the app include wind direction/speed and flip clock.

It goes without mention that Weather+ for iPhone got a very easy to read interface. It looks great on the retina display. Weather+ is compatible with iOS versions 4.3 or later.

Final Thoughts

Weather+ app for iPhone got everything you would expect from a good weather application. It got a wonderful interface and a wealth of information in one place. You don’t have to swipe/drag multiple screens to gather all vital weather info. While GPS sets up your current location, you can add more manually, without any trouble whatsoever. Verdict: An ideal companion to have in your iPhone if you tend to travel a lot.

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