White Noise App for Android Review

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Scientifically it was proved that certain sound (or noise) soothes your mind and aids relaxation and sound sleep. Technically such sound are termed ‘white noise’. Now here is an application, titled ‘White Noise’ that produces various white noises and help you in your sleep. You can get White Noise Android app for $1.99.

White Noise App Features

White Noise app for Android comes with 40+ perfectly looped ambient sounds, audio background service so you can use other apps, and an advanced alarm and timer system that wakes you up refreshed. The perfectly looped sounds aid relaxation/sleep like you’ve never experienced before. If you want more variety, you can mix multiple sounds together to create new ambiences to aid your rest. Some of the available sounds include, but not limited to, light rain, heavy rain, extreme rain, rain storm, shower, sprinkler, stream, wind, heart, frogs, and beach waves.

The app produces background audio so that you can use other apps while White Noise is running. Further, you can create multiple alarms that slowly fade in waking you up feeling refreshed. You got On-screen media controls to stop and start audio with volume controls. You can use sound timers to stop audio to save battery life. If you have some favorites among sounds, you can star them in the catalog for quick access. There is gesture support feature that let you swipe left or right to navigate sound.

Also, there are tons of custom settings such as device volume, sound volume, balance, pitch, buffer size, auto play, background audio, headset unplugged, auto sleep clock, alarm snooze time etc. People tend to like alarm apps with customization features, and White Noise app for Android does not disappoint on that count. The user interface is well laid out and easy to use for most parts. And there are no annoying ads either. White Noise application is compatible with Android OS versions 2.1 and up.


White Noise app for Android is a perfect app to soothe your nerves. It helps relax and improves your sleep. The app provides multiple sounds from the nature that you can choose depending on your preference. Customization options give one the flexibility to set the sound/alarms according to one’s requirements. Verdict: A handy white noise app that’ll help you to relax and sleep tight.

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