Tablet Talk App for Android Review

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Texting in mobile phones is not so comfortable often, thanks to the limited screen size and hence smaller keypads. But it will be lot easier if you could text using tablets. Now here is an app, Tablet Talk, that let you type and send text messages right from your tablets. You can get Tablet Talk Android app for $2.99.

Tablet Talk App Features

Tablet Talk app for Android works by linking your Android mobile phone and tablet via WiFi or Bluetooth, and letting you send/receive text messages from your tablet. Setting up Tablet Talk is pretty easy. Of course, you need to be sure how you’re going to sync the devices together – whether by WiFi or Bluetooth. If WiFi is your pick, ensure that you leave a port open on your network for communication (4040). Once you’ve installed the app, you can fire it up from the home screen by tapping on the icon. Press the red button in the main window to connect. Of course, before that you need to choose which method you want to connect with.

Once you tap the red button, you’ll be prompted to enable Bluetooth. Tap continue, and then ‘yes’ to let the app turn on Bluetooth. Once Bluetooth is turned on, the user will be promoted to enable ‘discovery’ on the phone and the tab. To do that, go through the usual steps of pairing using Bluetooth. You’re now ready to connect. From the app’s main window, clicking on the connect button brings you to the Tablet Talk Bluetooth setup screen. On that, tap on ‘search phone’ button and once phone is listed, select the same with a single tap. Now your tablet and phone are connected, and the interface returns to the main screen. You’re ready to send/receive SMS, once the button had turned green. If you’re a bit unsure as to which phone to connect, you can go back to the Bluetooth settings and give your phone a name.

Tablet Talk application also facilitates voice communication. Your tablet rings instantly when you receive a call. Use a headset with your phone and dial/answer calls from the tablet. Tablet Talk is compatible with Android OS versions 2.1 and up.


Tablet Talk app for Android let you send/receive text messages in your tablet using your Android phone and number. It is just the perfect app to have if you want to send a number of SMS’ to your friends/family in less duration. Support for voice communication comes handy. Verdict: An app that could solve your texting woes to a good extent.

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