Email My Texts SMS App for Android Review

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Want to preserve some of your SMSs for later reference? Try Email My Texts SMS app for Android. It is a simple app to email and print all your text SMS messages or a thread of messages. Using the app, you can also upload it to cloud services such as Google Drive, Evernote or Dropbox. You can get Email My Texts SMS Android app for $4.99 from Google Play Store.

Email My Texts SMS App Features

We tend to delete text messages after some time. Either we ourselves delete it to free up some space or it happens inadvertently at times. The bottom line is that SMS or text messages is not a clever means to save/store important messages, no matter how short they are. But with Email My Texts SMS app for Android, there seems to be a way out. It is ideal to save off texts or create a copy in case you need them for a legal proceeding or for some other matter. Some service providers charge as much as $30 to provide printouts of your text messages. Now with this app, you can do it for a onetime payment.

Email My Texts SMS App for Android

Android Email My Texts SMS app will load all your text messages or a specific thread into an email (or file to be uploaded). You can then choose to send this email to yourself or someone else. It is very simple to use and the email (or upload) of your texts can then be printed or saved. The email or uploaded file will have the person’s name, phone number, dates, times and messages, like in a typical print page. It is also possible to send them through text messaging. But it is not advisable to send a large thread using your text messaging app. It should be noted that the app does not delete/modify your text messages. The user interface of Email My Texts SMS is pretty easy to follow. On the downside, the app does not support MMS. Email My Texts SMS is compatible with Android OS versions 2.0 or higher.


Email My Texts SMS app for Android provides an efficient means to backup your SMSs. You can either email it to yourself or some other email ID, or upload it to the cloud. The user interface is easy to use for most parts. Verdict: A handy app to backup your SMS/text messages to the cloud/email. Try it out.

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