WidgetLocker Lockscreen App for Android Review

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WidgetLocker Lockscreen for Android is a lockscreen replacement app that gives you more control over the look and feel and layout of your lockscreen. The premise of the app is simple: open up your lockscreen to have widgets/shortcuts of your choice or make any slider a shortcut to an app. You can get WidgetLocker Lockscreen Android app for $2.99 from Google Play Store.

WidgetLocker Lockscreen App Features

WidgetLocker Lockscreen app for Android has got quite lot of functions and features. Hence, when you first open the app, you’re given a walkthrough on not only how to change the lockscreen but also about how to access menus, activate Tool Mode, and remove sliders. There is also a tidbit about the 5-second rule that is worth taking note of. Customizing the lockscreen is a pretty straightforward affair. Everything functions as in a normal lockscreen: you can either long-press or do the menu > add route to pull up the applicable menu. From there, you can add your favorite shortcuts, another slider, applications, or widgets. The ability to customize your slider is a cool feature. You can create your own custom slider with the app or shortcut of your choice. To do that, simply tap and hold the slider and click edit. You got some appealing styles available for your slider including HTC Sense, MIUI ROM, iPhone slider etc.

WidgetLocker Lockscreen App for Android

From Jelly Bean 4.2.2 onwards, you can add widgets on lockscreen. Imagine adding the contact widget on the lockscreen and calling your friends from lockscreen. However, you can’t add HTC widgets this way. The app also provides a wide range of options to lock/unlock your phone as well as means to access apps in the notification bar straight from your lock screen. The main settings tab provides you many options: look and feel menu gives you the option to customize layout and wallpaper. You can also vary screen orientation, transition animation, notification bar visibility status to suit y our requirements. You also got options to manage screen time out, popups and sounds as well as backing up or restoring the app setups.


Android WidgetLocker Lockscreen app is a handy lockscreen replacement app. Its many features may intimidate some of the users in the beginning. But for general purpose use, the default settings will help. You can learn about using its various features in the next few days. Verdict: Check it out if you’re the type who wants things your way.

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