Word² iPhone Game App Review

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Word² for iPhone is a word game about unscrambling words. You got to unscramble words not just once, but twice. If you love word games, but require something more than the usual word search game or standard crossword, Word² is certainly worth a look in. You can get Word² for $1.99 from iTunes.


The visuals in Word² for iPhone are clean. Its flat aesthetic blends will with the appearance of the modern iOS. The serif style typography is rather timeless and classy looking. Colors represent the difficulty levels in the puzzle. But nevertheless, they all look rich and vivid. If you are a person who prefers lighter, pastel color schemes, there is an option to toggle that as well. The soundtrack that plays in the background is rather soothing, and not distracting. The sound effects provide nice audible feedback during game play. Word² has 80 levels to solve. You can select a level by dragging your finger horizontally across the large square in the middle of the level selection screen. But you can’t access a puzzle without first solving the one before it, which is pretty logical. Your objective is to unscramble all words in the square, given the fact that each puzzle has pairs of words that can be read both horizontally and vertically. That is, you got to do it twice. The unscrambled words will be highlighted in white and locked in place.

Word iPhone Game App Review

The game starts with a 3×3 grid. But as things start to get difficult, the board can get as big as 7×7. If you’re stuck, you can rely on hints and clues. Hints tell you where a letter pair should go. Clues give players an idea of the words they should be looking for. To start with, you’ll get 15 hints and 10 clues. You can get more hints/clues through IAP. The controls of Word²are intuitive. You simply tap on letters and you’ll see where you can swap them with in the square. It can be done with another tap. Sometimes, you got to rearrange letters multiple times to get it into a correct position. There is also Game Center support for leaderboards and achievements for solving all squares of a certain size.


Word²for iPhone is a logical word game wherein you got to unscramble words twice. The difficulty levels increase as you advance through the levels. The game play is certainly challenging. The minimal aesthetics fits the type of game that Word² is. The background score is soothing. Hints and Clues come handy, if you’re stuck. The app is also stable and responsive. Check it out if you love word puzzles.

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