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If you are a globe hopper, perhaps this app will be just a handy addition to your collection of Blackberry apps. World Clock helps you to be on time in 1500 different cities worldwide. Further, the app lets you convert any time/date between different locations across the globe. The World Clock application can be downloaded from Blackberry App World for a price tag of $1.99 per license.

The Application

World Clock app for Blackberry ensures that you’re never left behind in time, on any place on earth. Through its very user friendly interface, you can set your current time zone with a single click. Further, the application adds the ‘daylight savings time’ automatically to concerned time zones. You can opt to view the clock in a beautiful analog clock form or in the digital format, with location and date. The app has eye catchy graphics backed by intelligent design. For example, the clock face changes from light to dark as per the time of the day (i.e. from AM to PM).

World Clock Blackberry app

Further, Blackberry World Clock application lets you search specific locations, add a location if it is not available by default (simply type in the new location and its time zone), and configure your current time zones with a single click. There is no need to remember the time zones or change it manually. The app does it all by itself. Further, World Clock has an inbuilt time converter feature that lets you convert any time/date between any numbers of locations.

The app also comes with a meeting planner, wherein you can plan meetings that is supposed to be attended by people from different time zones, and have the prepared schedule added to your Blackberry calendar with a single click. Since the app takes care of various time zones, you can make sure that you don’t wake someone up in the wrong time for the meeting.

Finally, you can add up to six locations – the ones you deal with often – on the main screen. The user interface is well laid out and quite easy to navigate. Performance wise, the app is robust and responsive for most parts. The app also supports multiple themes.


World Clock Blackberry app literally brings the time zones of over 1500 cities into your palm. If you are a traveling executive, this is one app that you just can’t afford not to have into your Blackberry.

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