Yelp iPhone App Review

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Yelp iPhone App Review
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If you want to know everything that is going on in your local area, anytime day or night, you need Yelp. And now it’s available to you because you use an iPhone Mobile Phone. Yelp is really practical and useful and can provide you with information about a nearby taco place, an Irish pub, the gas station closest to you (when your car is about to run dry) and lots more – all at a moment’s notice.

In fact, this is the perfect application for you to search and find places to eat a meal, shop, drink, relax and play. Once you start using Yelp, you’ll never stop.
App Name: Yelp is popular with people of all ages for a very good reason. It makes it simple to find any kind of business in a local area quickly and easily. That’s a big plus because it eliminates the need to pore through a newspaper to find a restaurant or other business when you want it.

With Yelp to help, you can find what you want when you want it.
Summary: Yelp, produced and distributed by Yelp, Inc., is packed with features for users of iPhone Mobile Phones. For example: you can use this clever application to search for, and find, nearly businesses using its reliable and remarkably effective Location Finder. You can also “Tap Quick Links” to find nearby bars … restaurants … cafes … and other kinds of businesses serving food.

Yelp app also enables you to pinpoint your searches by a variety of specific factors, including neighborhood, distance, price and what is actually open for business at the time you conduct your search.

There’s more. You can also browse through a review section to learn what’s good and what’s bad, based on the opinions of fellow consumers. If you like a restaurant or other business, you can add “Quick Tips,” photo and even draft your own review, all of which you will be able to refer to at a later date.
Finally, Yelp app enables you to look up addresses and phone numbers for literally thousands of businesses … then call them directly using your iPhone, of course.

User Interaction: lets you search for and find every business in your local area, including gas stations, quickly, easily and accurately.

User Interface: you’ll never have to worry about finding a restaurant to go to for a meal, or a store for shopping, with this handy application. It tells you where every business is located and how to find it.


Utility and Production: it’s like having your very own business directory always on hand and available. However, you don’t have to carry a heavy and cumbersome book with you. The information you need is conveniently located inside your iPhone.

Rating: (9.0 out of 10). This is a popular application for a very good reason. It helps people find and use services in their own neighborhoods and nearby surrounding areas. And it does it effectively and reliably. It doesn’t get any better than that.

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