60 Seconds Atomic Adventure iPhone Game App Review

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Lets play 60 Seconds! Atomic Adventure for iPhone! You have 60 seconds to gather as many goods and family members as possible before entering your subterranean refuge. However, because you only have two hands, you can only carry four objects at a time (and a maximum of two big items). It’s only 60 seconds! There are four game modes in the iOS 60 Seconds! Atomic Adventure. Atomic Drill contains a built-in instructional, while Apocalypse mode is similar but without the teaching. Scavenge mode offers you 60 seconds to acquire goods in your house, but Survival mode skips all of it and puts you in a randomly furnished shelter right away. You may pick from three difficulty levels in the last three game types, but your scavenging time is always limited to 60 seconds.

Gather everything within 60 seconds

When you’re locked up in the bunker during the Survival phase, the game morphs into an adventure novel. Because you’re locked in this one scenario with no individuals to interact with or tangible locations to visit, it might become tedious. The entire story/game is told in the form of a journal. Every day, you’ll be informed of what’s going on and whether or not the family members are weary, hungry, or thirsty. You’ll also be offered options, such as whether to serve soup or water to one or more of the characters. You’ll be able to send healthy members of your family out to forage in the outer world. Going out can be risky, but the benefit of dispatching someone is that you won’t have to feed them, and they might return with useful supplies. Occasionally, the opposite occurs, and you may have visits ranging from good Samaritans to traders and others who may want goods.

60 Seconds Atomic Adventure iPhone Game App Review

Survival thriller gameplay

However, because everything is communicated through the journal, you won’t be able to see these folks. The more food (soup) and water you have in the shelter, the longer you can stay alive. You’ll also need one or more medical kits in case someone in your family becomes ill, and a radio to communicate with the military. An axe or rifle, as well as a flashlight to highlight terrifying dark corners, may be handy in dealing with troublesome mutant varmints or who knows what. Even a deck of cards may help you pass the time on a rainy day. In the Survival phase of Atomic Adventure, the game provides a solid challenge and a completely different kind of gameplay. The length of time you live in the fallout shelter is determined by your actions and chance. The app is priced $3.99 to download from iTunes App Store.

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