Attack the Light iPhone Game App Review

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Steven and the three Crystal Gems-Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl-travel across five color-themed realms in Attack the Light, a simplified iOS role-playing game. Swiping the touchscreen allows players to navigate around the map and interact with chests, mechanisms, and secret regions to gain things that may be utilised in battle or to unlock new sections. During combat, in which the protagonists and the opponent take turns attacking, the Gems fight the enemy while Steven supports them by using healing and defensive powers as well as accessing resources. The majority of the acts that characters may undertake need Star Points, which are restricted during each turn.

Addictive Role Playing Gameplay

Players can utilise goods to raise their Star Points or conserve them for their next turn. Simple screen touches may be utilised to deliver more damage or minimise the amount of damage sustained from opposing strikes. Other skills, which may be unlocked as each character gains experience, include distinct mechanics like aiming a shot or swiping the screen repeatedly. If a Jewel loses all of its Harmony (health), they will withdraw within their gem until they are revived by an item or the combat is over, with the game ending if all three Gems are beaten. If a character survives a battle, they acquire experience, and as they level up, they can unlock new powers, upgrade stats, and improve current skills. Because there is a level cap, you must make wise upgrading decisions every time, as you may not have another opportunity. After a character uses a certain number of moves, they gain experience.

Attack the Light iPhone App Review

Power up characters

Rebecca Sugar, the creator of “Steven Universe,” has a brand-new narrative for Attack the Light. In addition, the game incorporates fresh narration from members of the Steven Universe cast. Pearl’s spear deals a lot of damage and is a staple of my assault strategy. Her disable ability is ideal for setting up to unleash Alexandrite on a powerful lone adversary by temporarily disabling them. Garnet’s six-hit combination is difficult to pull off because of its timing, especially when it’s used seldom. Garnet’s swipe-whip has the potential to be lethal, but it necessitates quick swiping. The Purple Puma poses a danger since it is difficult to time all three hits on the metre in order to use it. Each level keeps track of how many treasure boxes or other mysteries you have to find, so you’ll never be stuck wondering what you need to do to obtain that coveted 100% completion.

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