Make Auditing Simple with Site Audit Pro for iPhone

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Auditing is made simple with Site Audit Pro app for iPhone. Issues may be recorded, assignees can be added, annotated images can be included, and customised, reports can be sent more easily and quickly than ever before. Thousands of organisations throughout the world benefit from Site Audit Pro’s ability to make audits and inspections more efficient and manageable. Site Audit Pro can let you gather and publish your results on the fly with customisable reports to give a personal and professional touch, whether you’re doing a safety inspection, snagging issues, making a punch list, or presenting a quotation. Users may also turn their project into a PDF report by choosing from a variety of themes. With the aid of the app, you may further customise your report with a variety of choices.

Create projects and customize

You may also instantaneously share a professional audit Report without having to return to the office. Email, Dropbox, device file sharing, and other methods can be used to share your reports as PDFs. You can sync your Projects across all of your devices with Site Audit Pro Cloud. You may also use a range of tools, shapes, and colours to annotate each image to highlight critical issues. Also, while utilising Site Audit Pro Cloud, use the Web Portal to view any Projects you’ve established. The programme also allows you to add personal information to your reports, such as your company’s name, logo, auditor’s name, and signature. You have the option of customising one of eight professional Report designs.Site Audit Pro Cloud is a subscription-based solution that allows you to save and access your projects in the cloud.

Site Audit Pro for iPhone

Import image and share reports

The online app allows you to create, edit, and share reports. You may now easily enter comments using your computer’s keyboard and access your Projects from any browser by utilising the new website. You may now display many images for each issue. This is excellent for displaying many perspectives on a single issue or comparing before and after images. You can sync your projects across devices with a subscription. Begin your project on your iPhone, type it up on your iPad, then finish it on your PC or laptop. Reports may be created from anywhere. Make folders for your projects. In a Folder, group together numerous Projects for a single property. Your folders should be named for the location, customer, group, site, or anything else you wish to keep track of. In addition to these new themes, you may also use subscription to create your own colour scheme. The app is priced $14.99 to download from iTunes App Store.

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