AZZL iPhone Game Puzzle App Review

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People love puzzles due to its pick-up-and-play factor and the potential for some serious brain scratching that will keep them engaged. AZZL for iPhone is one such puzzler, but with a refreshing concept. It is a jigsaw inspired sliding puzzle game wherein the pieces come to life. You can get AZZL app for $2.99 from iTunes App Store.


AZZL app for iPhone draws inspiration from the jigsaw puzzles, but takes it to a new level altogether. For example, some puzzles have you dragging blocks to piece together jigsaws, whereas others have you rotating them. Few of the puzzles create a clear image, while the others are more abstract and require a lot more trial and error to solve it. Each level in AZZL for iPhone is full of different colors, shapes, sounds and sights, and this helps make the puzzles refreshing and exciting. The GIF style animation that plays on screen when you finish a puzzle is real fun to watch.

AZZL iPhone Game Puzzle App Review

The difficulty levels of AZZL app for iPhone are manageable. In jigsaw puzzles, the more pieces you manage to put in the right place, the easier it becomes, and AZZL app is no different. It should be noted that all pieces are moveable until you finish the puzzle. If that is troubling you, the ‘Kids Mode’ may be activated, wherein a puzzle piece firmly remains in place when placed correctly, and you can go about managing the rest of the pieces without bothering about the pieces that you’d already placed correctly. Everything in AZZL for iPhone looks sharp and polished. Character movements are beautifully animated with often hilarious results. The sound effects perfectly complement the puzzle in front of you. Most importantly, it is not at all annoying to the players. The app requires iOS 7.0 or higher.


AZZL app for iPhone is both fun and rewarding, and more or less justifies its current price tag of $2.99. The game play is challenging enough. But it is the gorgeous animations and the refreshing concept that keeps you coming back. The graphics is sharp and colorful. The game is also reasonably stable and responsive. Overall, an entertaining pick up and play puzzler for people of all ages. Check it out if you’re a Jigsaw fan.

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