Pixelle Android Game App Review

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Pixelle app for Android is a fun and simple game that is a mix of Pong and side-scrolling retro arcade games. In the game, your aim is to prevent the pixelle from hitting any of the blocks that constantly arrive on screen. And you do so by tilting the phone. It is the only way to avoid the blocks and earn points. You can download Pixelle game for $0.99 from Google Play Store.


Pixelle app for Android appears simple at first. But it takes some amount of skill to master the game. Such a varying difficulty level makes the game perfect for people of all ages. The game has no other controls to avoid from being hit by blocks, unlike Pong. You got to tilt your phone in order to avoid a collision. To stay alive, pixelle must use precision and focus to dodge the endless supply of blocks attacking from all directions. Occasionally, pulsars will appear in which pixelle needs to collect before the timer runs out.

Pixelle Android Game App Review

The maps kept changing all the time. Hence, the players got to concentrate on the screen all the time to stay alive. In fact, this makes the game lot more interesting and fun. It also adds to the replayability of the game. Further, Pixelle got over 15 achievements that will keep players coming back to try to earn them. You can track your game play statistics. You can also share your achievements on SNS. The design of Pixelle app for Android is simple, subdued and minimalist. The salmon-colored menu icons with dark blue and light blue hues are pleasing to the eyes. The UI layout is user friendly. Pixelle for Android is a free app, and it remains as a free app. In other words, there aren’t any in-app purchases. The app requires Android OS versions 4.3 or higher.


Pixelle app for Android is an exciting arcade style game perfect for people of all ages. The game has tremendous replayability value. The changing map keeps the players focused on the game and this helps kill monotony. The UI layout is simple and minimalist. The game play is smooth and slick. Unlike some other arcade games, Pixelle do not bother you with in-app purchase either. Check it out if you’re in the lookout for a challenging yet fun arcade style game to play during your free hours.

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