LEGO Batman: Beyond Gotham Android Game App

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LEGO Batman: Beyond Gotham for Android is yet another action adventure for your smart phone devices starring all your favourite characters from the DC Universe. What’s interesting is that the characters and the environment are a replica of the very famous LEGO toys or LEGO building blocks and as a result the whole game is more cartoonish than realistic. However, the fun and thrill part from the comics is completely retained making this one of the most sought after adventure games in the Android market. LEGO Batman: Beyond Gotham costs about $1 in the Google Play Store.


As the game title indicates, this version of LEGO Batman: Beyond Gotham game is not confined within the Gotham city alone but rather travels around a lot more adventurous locales including the outer space. Though the central character is the Batman, you can also take up the roles of several other stars from the DC Universe like the members of the Justice League, Robin, Lantern heroes and so on. Some of them will be automatically provided during the game itself, while the others require an additional in-app purchase. Altogether, this is one fantastic multi-star adventure with multiple locales and sets.

LEGO Batman Beyond Gotham Android Game App

LEGO Batman: Beyond Gotham Android game app is brimming with thrilling content, top notch graphics and excellent technicalities. With so many characters and newer missions popping up every now and then, the game manages to hook you from the start till the end. With more than 45 missions to complete, you are guaranteed of quite a long game to enjoy and relish. The graphics are in 3D and brings the feel of the good old comic version on screens. The whole game is filled with cut scenes, animations and dialogues to spice up the entertainment factor. More than just mere fighting and shooting, you will have to face so many other challenges and adventures throughout the game journey. The application, with high end graphics and similar aspects, is more suitable for high end Android devices. As a result, the devices with low specifications may encounter a few lags.


LEGO Batman: Beyond Gotham app is quite a differently designed DC Comic game for Android users. With 100’s of DC characters, numerous thrilling missions and a fantastic game-play, this application should climb up your favourites list in no time.

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